Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project #13

Tonya Fendley
Tonya Fendley enjoyed working together on our projects.  We were able to use several forms of communication to plan our projects.  Even now, I am preparing this post from a document Tonya shared with me through Google Docs.  We tried Facetime, but I kept getting a message on my iPad saying the service could not be found.  It was easier to stick with the features Google provides.  He used Google Hangout because we were usually already on our computers signed into Gmail and Google Drive.  We used Google Docs for every project.  We could be typing at the same exact time and see each others edits.  We used Gmail to email to each other the Smart Notebook file for our Smart Board lesson. 
We had each other cell phone numbers to keep in touch as well.  We texted each other while in the building to find each other because this building has alot of hallways.

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