Saturday, March 2, 2013

C4K Summary for February

Blog computer keys

This blog's address is  This student writes her blog as required for her 9th grade World History class.  This student answers the question:If you lived during World War I, which would be the best to own: a horse, a cow, or a dozen chickens?  In my opinion a cow would be best to own.  The student continues with her reasons.
My answer:You wrote an interesting answer to an interesting question. A cow is a great choice. Milk could also be used to make cheese and butter. I do not know much about World War I or what life may have been like day to day. Answering questions like this makes history more interesting and personal.

Max S
This blog's address is  This student just made his first blog post.  He wrote about how he made some saves as a goalie during a soccer game.

My comment:  Hello, Max. I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. This week I get to comment on a blog from your class. I am glad you did such a great job as a goalie during your game. I also see that you are new to writing a blog. I am new, too. How do you like it? Do you play other sports?

Little Voices, Little Scholars by Mrs. She
Welcome comment left for the class at and for the students, Tatiana and Amelia.  They are so cute.  I love their artwork from last year.

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