Saturday, March 2, 2013

PLN Progress Report

Inspector Gadget

So far I have encountered many valuable resources that have ideas and new ways of thinking regarding education.  What I have yet to consider is the way to streamline my sources.  I have not yet chosen anything like Symbaloo, but I realize now is the time.  I definitely want to include some of the blogs I have read through this class.  I really like Mrs. She's class blog.  This New Zealand second grade class is very special.  I see how parents are responding with the pride of viewing their children's projects online.  I also like Langwitches.  I need to create a "one stop shop" as I find blogs or sites that I want to use in the future, rather than back track to find them.  Of course, there are the standard YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

I want to seek out a mentor that will help me along the way.  I have a few teacher friends that may be good mentors.  It may be that my mentor is someone I have yet to meet.  Either way, I know I will need one.  I am really enjoying blogging as well as discovering what tools Google offers.  At the end of the class, I want to have a PLN that will serve me beyond this class.

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