Sunday, April 7, 2013

C4T #3

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First Post by Royan Lee

The post I commented on was in regard to an individual filming him/herself teaching not for the purpose of posting lessons online as in the flipped classroom concept, but for the purpose of critiquing the actual teacher. 
    My comments:  My name is Catherine Warren. I am in the class EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I have never thought of filming myself teaching until reading your post. I think it will be most beneficial. I have watched films of myself in videos created for class projects. Because I was a character, it was enjoyable to watch. I would love to film myself in my future classroom. I don’t think I want to let someone else critique me, though. Your post is an interesting proposal.
    Second Post
    The next post was about giving students feedback and how students interpret that feedback.  Mr. Lee explores the way students respond to direct and indirect comments.  He gives examples of ways people communicate and how different people react to the same comments.  It was very interested and something I will consider when I give my own students feedback.
    My comments:  As a college student currently taking EDM 310, a technology course which led me to your blog, but also an education foundations course which is focusing on the multicultural classroom, we have discussed language barriers quite a bit.  It has mostly been in regard to a student learning English, communicating with parents, understanding cultural communication styles, etc.  What type of feedback to give a student and how that student may receive that feedback is something that has not been covered.  However, after reading your post, I see it is not an issue limited only to ESL students.  Culture is so complex within our own communities.  Great post. 

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