Saturday, April 27, 2013

PLN Report

Apple iPad

PLN stands for personal learning network.  I have not created an account with Symbaloo or a similar site.  I do not have some elaborate network.  My inclination is to think up something really profound that will impress Dr. Strange.  However, by definition of PLN, the keyword is personal, so what matters most is what works for me.  What I enjoy most is my iPad.  I grew up with my dad saying, "Look it up."  Now I say, "I'll Google it."

I have spent countless hours "Googling" anything and everything I want to learn about.  If I want to save a page, I can make a screenshot, or I can email a link of the page to myself and then use my email app to pull it right back up.  I have taken pictures, edited them, shot video, and made iMovies on my iPad.  I use apps for YouTube, Google Drive, and Blogger.  My email app contains all three of my email accounts.  I love the touch screen.  I can take the iPad anywhere and access free Wifi all of the time.  I also use apps for the Weather Channel, Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.  It is the best electronic gadget.

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